GE Aviation Supply Chain Web Center

RFCA Process Map

Step 1:

If you are not currently a GE Aviation Supplier or RSP, then contact a Supplier Diversity Coordinator. Visit http:/ for more details.

Step 2:
Click here for the current Request for Computer Access form. After the form opens, the Supplier/RSP saves it to their system hard drive.

Step 3:
Supplier/RSP completes all required fields on the SCWC RfCA form and emails the form to their GE Buyer/Sourcing Agent. Supplier/RSP should then print, sign and fax the Guest Access Restrictions (Agreement tab) to the same GE Buyer/Sourcing agent.

Forms sent to will be rejected. Forms MUST be sent to your GE Buyer/Sourcing Agent for proper processing through the Aviation Operations Center (AOC).
Follow instructions on the SCWC RfCA Form Agreement tab.

Step 4:
GE Buyer/Sourcing agent verifies form accuracy, retains signed Guest Access Restrictions and forwards email form to the AOC ( or "Sourcing E-Commerce" in the MS Outlook Address Book)

Step 5:
The AOC processes the request and grants access based on System Security and RfCA requirements.

Step 6:
The AOC sends user ID, password, and logon procedures to the Supplier/RSP.